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                   Saturday, March 15, 2008 - 5:08PM

Southern US tornado outbreak underway

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Last night's Atlanta event was only the beginning. A significant tornado outbreak is in progress across Georgia and South Carolina this afternoon, with numerous damage reports and unfortunately injuries and fatalities. The SPC has a high risk out for this region for the remainder of today.

The parade of tornadic supercells down there has been remarkable, with well-defined hooks and strong velocity couplets. Here is radar I just captured showing an intense supercell moving into South Carolina:

Intense velocity couplet on this storm, showing the strong circulation with likely tornado in progress (green shows wind toward the radar, red shows wind moving away from the radar - brighter greens and reds close together indicate strong rotation):

This event is just one of many that underscores how the US 'tornado season' really doesn't end, and how the Great Plains is not the only region that sees strong tornadoes.

Some links to follow this event:

when i get older i will be a tornado chaser
- Posted by kevin from siouxlookout o.n.

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