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                   Sunday, March 16, 2008 - 1:38PM

Photos: The new Church at KRLX (NWS WSR-88D radar site)

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Bible Center Church had our first services this morning at our brand-new new Southridge worship center, the first of three building phases to be completed at the new campus. Our new property, in addition to having a scenic outdoors 'lodge' feel among the woods, is literally surrounding the KRLX National Weather Service NEXRAD radar site. The eastern entrance to our property is next door to the National Weather Service Forecast Office (RLX)!

If you live in the Charleston area, come down and check this out! Bible Center Church's new campus is located next to the Southridge shopping center on corridor G (Route 119). Just look for the NWS radar dome! Services are at 9AM and 10:45AM on Sunday, with evening services starting at the new building in April.

Here are some photos:

The view of the 88D tower and dome out of the front lobby windows. Our building doesn't have a steeple - but this is the next best thing (especially if you're a weather geek).

The new building - phases two and three will be built on either side.

View of the new worship center from second level hallway. This new sanctuary is actually a temporary one that will serve until the much larger one is built in phase three of construction. When phase three is built, this space will become a multi-purpose area.

View from the seating area.

Inside view of the new lobby. Kind of like a ski lodge!

View of the KRLX radar dome from our Bible fellowship classroom.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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