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                   Monday, March 24, 2008 - 8:24PM

Photos: Convective snow showers

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Update (8:24PM): More photos and video added: With an abundant supply of cold air aloft, a little surface heating from the sun was all that was needed to touch off widespread convective snow showers across the region today. With surface temps in the 40s, nothing was close to sticking - but the visual appearance of the low-topped cells was impressive. Get a good look, since these may be the last flakes of the season!

This full-day timelapse video from the sky camera shows several cells passing overhead, the strongest of which occurs just before sunset:

Click to play video

PHOTOS: Incoming squall over Charleston:

Stark snow shafts visible (the winter equivalent of rain shafts):

Huge flakes/heavy snow inside a cell:

Cells from a distance:

Charleston dodged a bullet this morning - a band of snow showers passed just to our west in the subfreezing air - coating bridges and overpasses and causing accidents in the Lexington, Kentucky metro area.

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