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30 Years of Storm Photography
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I'm up late tonight watching the radar screen for convection that has a so-so chance of firing here in the next couple of hours. In the meantime, at this late hour I've been working on the format for posting photo/video updates for our upcoming storm observing expedition.

I usually start a dedicated blog every year that we use to post about our expeditions during our spring trips. Now that I have this blog, I didn't want to have two blogs to worry about updating while we're on the road. So, I've decided to just make this main blog serve both purposes. The plan is to put this blog into a spring 'storm observing expedition mode', with some different graphics that separate the expedition posts from my normal posts. That way I can direct all of the traffic to one place, which will be less confusing for both me and my readers (if I have any!). I'll also create a chronological storm observing expedition blog page, which (thanks to the beauty of server-side includes) will allow the same posts to appear both places without me having to type things twice.

In other web site news, the changeover to Storm Highway is getting closer. I have just a few new features left to complete, and after that, some final tweaking and testing. The new 'The Message' outreach site and video content will begin production in April (possibly even next week), and the first videos should appear by May 1 if all goes as planned.

30 Years of Storm Photography
Important Message
Dan's YouTube Video Channel
Dan's Twitter feed
Dan's RSS/XML feed

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