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                   Thursday, March 27, 2008 - 5:28PM

Cats vs chipmunk

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A daily game of cat-and-chipmunk goes on right outside my office window, and every time I watch the ground camera archive at the end of the day I see the 'drama' played out. The chipmunk (I think there is just one) apparently has become fairly used to seeing me at my computer, as it has been allowing me to get a camera right up to the window to get some shots from as close as 3 to 4 feet away.

The chipmunk has a several-times-daily routine of digging through the ivy and mulch around the backyard in search of acorns, along with several minutes of just chilling out on the back porch. The local cats in the neighborhood have taken notice of this. A pretty regular pattern of chipmunk appearances followed not much later by cat appearances is captured on the ground camera almost every day. So far, the chipmunk has eluded the danger - and apparently isn't intimidated too much by it anyway, as it will be right back out there after the cats leave. I know of at least three cats that patrol this area, the most frequent visitor being this dude:

I've managed to make friends with the gray cat, who (I think) lives across the street. He'll invite himself into the house from time to time if the basement door is open while I'm working outside. The other cats don't pay much attention to me. I threw together this timelapse from the ground camera from recent days (which saves an image every 30 seconds).

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