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                   Monday, March 9, 2009 - 10:51AM

Possible winter episode next week

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Just a quick post to comment on what the models indicate for the coming week. After a nice string of warm late-April-like weather, we dip back into typical mid-March weather late this week, with a few mornings below freezing. No precip is indicated during the below-freezing periods, meaning that ice and snow should not be a problem. That changes next week - when a major eastern trough is shown by both the GFS and ECMWF models to start impacting us around Wednesday-Friday (the 18th through the 20th). The GFS forecasts 850mb temps below -15°C (5°F) with northwest (upslope) flow and precipitation. That's a strong signal for snow and below-freezing surface temps that we'll need to watch.

GFS 850mb temps for next Thursday

GFS precip for next Thursday

Hi Dan, what would happen now while you are sorting your new truck, if a good plains set up showed, say a week from now ?
- Posted by Mick from United Kingdom
Hey Mick - everything's actually ready to go if the need arises, I have all the basics installed. The computer just doesn't have a sturdy mount, which will be cumbersome but not impossible to work with.
- Posted by Dan R. from Charleston, WV

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