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                   Thursday, May 10, 2007 - 8:58PM EDT

The Great Plains in Pictures

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(Just a warning, this is a huge photo post!) The combination of the beauty of the Plains and a new digital camera equals me taking hundreds of photos. It's a little like when I got my first Pentax K1000 back in 1993 and went crazy shooting every object I saw. I have to say I'm really pleased with this new camera. For it not being a mighty DSLR it is definately worth the money spent. My old 4700 would average 15 or so pictures per battery charge, and I'd need three sets of rechargable batteries to get through an storm chase day. This new camera's first set of batteries finally died on Wednesday, the last day of Trip #2. That's 7 days of shooting 120-180 photos per day. During Tuesday's lightning shoot, I had the camera on continuously for over two hours doing time exposures. Even with 180 photos on a single day, I never came close to using up the 1GB card. Talk about major improvements!

So on to the photos. Storm Chasing & Photography's hectic schedule unfortunately does not allow for stopping to shoot all the cool and scenic non-weather sights you see on the Plains, and there are a ton of them. But, here and there you do get a little time.

Classic Plains highway

Near Protection, Kansas

Near Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Kinsley, Kansas

Near Sentinel, Oklahoma

Classic Plains town - Larned, Kansas

Near Spearville, Kansas

Pratt, Kansas

Cumulus in the sky, bugs on the windshield

Kinsley, Kansas

Morning storm in Medford, Oklahoma

Storm Chasing & Photography does this to a new car in 2 years.

Near Sentinel, Oklahoma

Near Sentinel, Oklahoma

Spearville, Kansas

Kinsley, Kansas

Near Offerle, Kansas

Tulsa skyline

Tulsa Sapulpa Union Railway - Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Tiny Wal-Marts are common on the Plains

Time to roll up the windows and turn of the AC. Stockyard near Dodge City, Kansas

Near Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Weatherford, Oklahoma wind farm

Bright trees and sky on the way home along I-44 near St. Louis

Near Medford, Oklahoma

Offerle, Kansas

Near Kingfisher, Oklahoma

30 Years of Storm Chasing & Photography
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