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                   Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 12:22PM CDT

Day 7: Oklahoma

30 Years of Storm Photography
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Update 1:55AM Wednesday, (Posted via Laptop from Tulsa, OK):
Near Woodward, OK:

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Update 12:28PM Tuesday, (Posted via Laptop from Tulsa, OK):
Storm observing in western Oklahoma today for a conditional pre-sunset supercell threat. Not a setup I'd drive to from St. Louis, but since I'm here and a few hours away, I figure it's worth the shot.

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A great photo. I'm guessing that storm was an LP.
- Posted by steven
Glad someone was out there getting great pictures of that storm. Looked very LP on radar considering it was spitting out baseballs.
- Posted by Dann Cianca from Englewood (Inverness), Colorado

30 Years of Storm Photography
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