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                   Wednesday, May 13, 2009 - 11:50PM EDT

2009 Midwest storm chase expedition #1

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Some nice lightning near Ferdinand, Indiana this evening to help redeem the trip:

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Currently in Louisville waiting to see if some new development to the west will roll through and provide more lightning ops.

Posted at 8:11PM CDT Wednesday:
Illinois target busted. Missed the show in Missouri. On the road east toward home.

Posted at 6:05PM CDT Wednesday:
From this morning (before sunrise):

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Posted at 1:05AM CDT Wednesday:
Currently stopped for the night east of STL. Target tomorrow will still depend on morning data. For now, here is a new vantage point of Louisville I found:

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Posted at 4:00PM EDT Tuesday:
Westbound on I-64 in May again - this time not for the Plains, but for a potent midwestern severe weather event slated for tomorrow. A setup like this within my 'home chase area' is always welcome - as I should be able to make it home at the end of the day. Shear profiles and instability are supportive of supercells mainly across Illinois tomorrow afternoon, but I'm eyeing central and southern Indiana as well - particularly if ongoing convection ruins the better target into IL/MO. The plan tonight is to camp out near Evansville, and refine the target in the morning pending a review of data. I pondered leaving early Wednesday morning, but decided to leave this afternoon to make tomorrow's day a little easier. That means I'm also able to enjoy the leisurely drive westward through Bluegrass country today.

Love No 2 Nice thinking !!
- Posted by Mick from UK

Great shots, Dan!
- Posted by Dann Cianca from Englewood (Inverness), Colorado

one word....amazing !
- Posted by Dave from Manteno , IL

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