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                   Thursday, May 13, 2010 - 7:37PM CDT

May 13 St. Louis area storms

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These are shots of storms east of St. Louis attempting to take on supercell characteristics this afternoon. With the unidirectional wind profiles and veered low levels, they didn't get far - but was cool to watch. I looked intently, but there were no areas of rotation visible. I was blasted by at least 50mph winds within the core of this storm at Mascoutah, IL. All of this was about 6 miles from my apartment.

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Hey, Dan, we must have been pretty close again. I put a couple pics on Stormtrack, and will get a fuller report up soon. That was a neat little storm, wasn't it? I didn't see rotation either, but the NWS did detect some on radar, according to their special weather statement on the storm. Anyway, very nice structure, and as usual your pics are excellent.
- Posted by John Farley from Edwardsville, IL

Thanks John! Good to be able to see another angle on these. They looked really good at first glance - like they were ready to do something. Some of the winds in the core were very impressive.
- Posted by Dan R, from New Baden, IL

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