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                   Friday, May 15, 2009 - 1:15PM

Short clip from Wednesday

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HD EXPEDITION VIDEO: Lightning near Carmi, IL

The above is the only capture I managed on the video camera from the May 13 storm chase expedition. This complex lightning discharge just west of Carmi, Illinois happened about the same time that the Kirksville, MO tornado was on the ground. I had to get back into my truck and let the camera roll outside due to swarming mosquitoes (a common problem with standing roadside in the midwest and Plains), and on the laptop saw the Missouri tornado reports coming in.

I'm getting so I shoot video very sparingly. I have really been shifting back to focusing on stills like I did prior to 2003. I usually set up the video camera only when there is something I think is really worth shooting. During my week on the Plains in April, I shot exactly one 60-minute tape total. I only used about 10 minutes of tape on this trip. I normally wouldn't have set up for this lightning, but it was there, I was stopped to watch the storm, and had the time to do it.

Looks like the USA will really be quieting down after the weekend. The ridge in the Plains builds in, and the last frontal passage for a long time happens here in WV on Saturday. We should get at least one more round of nice storms here at home before a significant downtime.

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