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                   Friday, May 16, 2008 - 5:12PM

In the depths of an upper trough

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Coming to you today from Seattle, West Virginia in our third consecutive day of cloudy rain and overcast (with at least four more to go, if the forecast is correct). Nothing's more of a bummer after getting a new camera than having a deep, slow-moving upper trough move in, locking in a pattern like this for over a week. I did get the nice day on Tuesday, but since then I haven't had the benefit of sunlight and blue sky to really try out the new 75-300 lens. Today it was the evil upslope drizzle - which means even when the rain stops, a fine mist continuously falls and floats around. These little droplets seek out and stick to every object in sight. Take a pressure washer and shoot it straight up into the air, and you've recreated these conditions. It's the kind of thing that you can't quite run your windshield wipers, but you can't leave them off either - constantly having to adjust the intermittent setting to keep the windshield clean.

You can't take a camera outside in these conditions without the lens immediately getting assaulted, so the new Canon has been mostly sitting idle. On my way home from business meetings today, I shot a few frames from inside my car of the ivy at my Grandmother's house in Dunbar. There are probably more rainy weather subjects to find out there, but I guess I'm not inspired enough now to go looking.

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