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                   Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - 1:06AM CDT

Amarillo lightning

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Well, here it is - the first one. This is why I love it out here. Sometimes things that aren't supposed to happen, happen anyway. What capping inversion :) This is from the hotel parking lot. I heard thunder, went out and took exactly one frame to get this, then went back inside (need to get to bed!). One file on the SD card, one lightning shot. Cooperative lightning is the greatest.

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Hopefully more to come.

Today's severe weather risk is mainly up in Wyoming, but a setup also exists right here in the Texas Panhandle this afternoon. And so when the guests arrive later this morning, I expect we'll begin our first storm chase day of the trip somewhere very close to Amarillo. Tomorrow's target may end up being anywhere from southern Nebraska to Oklahoma. The pattern looks very good so far for storm chasers at least through Monday - so much so that unlike my previous asessment, if I wasn't here already on a tour, I'd probably would have been heading west out of Charleston by now under normal circumstances. That would put me arriving in the target area tomorrow just before things got going. It's kind of nice to not have that (more rushed) drive ahead of me now.

Without a good internet connection, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post updates during the day, if at all. If our target tomorrow ends up being in the northern reaches of the setup (Nebraska) we may end up driving for a while before settling down for the night. At any rate, wherever and whenever we end up I'll try to get a few photos up.

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