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                   Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - 5:00PM CDT

Day 3: First storm chase day - TX, OK panhandles!

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Update - 10:33PM CDT: Today's sleeper setup never really woke up. Some nice lightning with today's cells around Amarillo, but with the bright daylight conditions, not much chance of capturing anything noteworthy. The lack of a big storm complex tonight, and subtle boundaries created by the weak storms, will bode well for tomorrow's prospects - which still look great! Signing off for tonight...

Update - 5:00PM CDT: Still hanging tight at the hotel here in Amarillo, eyeing the cumulus field to our west in New Mexico. Possibly heading that way in the next hour or two if it looks like it's going to fire. Looking like a late show today if anything, at least for daytime storms. When the low-level jet kicks in later tonight, we should get a good lightning barrage somewhere close to here.

11:51AM CDT: Looks like a sleeper day is in the making across the panhandles this afternoon. The tour guests will be arriving later tonight, so we'll be starting their chase tomorrow. That leaves me with a chase on my own for today.

Tornado threat appears minimal today with moisture still in recovery mode, though a supercell or two looks like a good bet. Should be a fun day to start things out, hopefully with some nice lightning and storm structure to give the cameras a workout!

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