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                   Friday, May 23, 2008 - 8:22PM CDT

Day 5: Another Kansas outbreak

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Update 8:22PM CDT: Back in Dodge City for the night. Another fruitless day. Heading back to Amarillo tomorrow to take our guests to their hotel, as they are flying home Sunday. I'll be starting the drive back to WV as soon as I have my car on Saturday, arriving home Sunday.

Update 3:10PM CDT: Heading west out of Dodge. Trying the live cam again, data seems to be working a little better in Kansas.

Update 2:03PM CDT: Cumulus field getting thicker outside - MD issued, getting ready to head out for the day!

12:01PM CDT: Liking our current location in Dodge City, and will be sitting here for at least another couple of hours. Possibly a repeat setup from yesterday, with even better moisture and upper support.

A storm may produce tornado near Colby, KS in an hour. I hope you catch non-damaging photogenic violent tornadoes. Good Luck!
- Posted by L Lee from Arizona

Dan - sorry it didn't pan out. Can you believe GREENSBURG AGAIN? Poor folks nearby! We'll be watching the blog to see where you are going next!
- Posted by Spencer from Huntington

Yeah - unreal that Greensburg is under the gun again. Storm Chasing & Photography with the tour has been different in that we've been conservative with positioning and driving, to avoid hail and strong winds. We did find 2.5 inch hail on a road that we allowed a storm to pass us by.
- Posted by Dan R. from Dodge City, KS

Pleanty of action in KS and OK yesterday, did you catch it?
- Posted by Ed

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