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                   Saturday, May 26, 2007 - 11:29AM EDT

Event 2007: Shutting it down

30 Years of Storm Photography
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A review of my depleted spring storm observing expedition funds, as well as the persistently poor severe weather outlook for the Great Plains through June 11, has brought on the decision to bring this year's observing standby period - and our series of planned expeditions - to an early close. This turned out to be an early season, which we took full advantage of to the tune of 12 tornado intercepts. That's a good number for any year, and we did well in choosing the right times to use our trip funds. By all means, our spring 2007 storm season was a success.

Barring an unexpected funding source for additional travel and an unusually sudden development of a strong western trough, this post marks the end of the Storm Observing Expedition forecasting excercises and discussions, and the return of this blog to full-time 'normal' status. As always, the end of spring severe weather season does not mean the end of our storm observing activities, which continue year-round as conditions warrant and funding allows.

As always, your readership during this spring season was appreciated. I hope you'll stay tuned for our occasional summer weather documentation projects, which will include flash flooding, more (upward moving) tower lightning, landfalling hurricanes and more. Otherwise, be sure to check back with us in April of 2008 for the next Great Plains storm season!

2007 Storm Observing Expedition - Departure Date Probability as of May 26
May 23-300.25%
May 31-June 50.25%
June 6-120.25%
Non-Plains storm observing expedition0.25%
No trip99%

30 Years of Storm Photography
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