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                   Wednesday, May 28, 2008 - 11:09AM EDT

Day 10: Booneville, IN to Charleston, WV

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Update 3:07PM EDT: Sitting at my desk now making the final update to this year's trip, bringing to a close the ten-day expedition that "was, then wasn't, then was". I'll post a summary with photos and video in the coming days, providing I have the time between work catch-up and additional local expeditions.

11:09AM EDT: In Kentucky now, making the final few hours of the trip this morning. I should be home by 2 this afternoon, barring any unforseen delays or photo stops. Lots of web site work waiting for me back home, so there's not going to be much unwinding time, if at all, before jumping back into the grind. Next storm event for us looks to be Friday in southeast Ohio, continuing into WV on Saturday. Not looking like a tornado setup, but maybe a good lightning photo night or two will be in the cards. WV is due for one of those - we've usually had our first by this time of the year.

30 Years of Storm Photography
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