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                   Tuesday, May 5, 2009 - 8:09PM

May 1 HD chase video

30 Years of Storm Observing
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HD EXPEDITION VIDEO 2: Strong winds and blowing dust near Stamford, TX
HD EXPEDITION VIDEO 3: Cumulonimbus and frontal undercut near Seymour, TX

Here are a few HD video clips from the May 1 chase. I love the sounds in the first video of the hail in Rule, TX - I really love large hail, I wish it wasn't so expensive to a vehicle or I'd get into more of it. The third video is a 40x timelapse of the Seymour, Texas supercell just before and during it was impacted by the front and cut off completely from below. You can see the front erode the storm's base from the left to right until it vanishes. I left the realtime audio on the clip of the moment when we realized what it was doing.

Great videos, Dan!
- Posted by Dann Cianca from Denver, Colorado
The cumulonimbus video is so cool!
- Posted by Katie from Melrose, MA

30 Years of Storm Observing
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