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                   Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 11:47AM

Extreme pressure washing

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Rappelling pressure washers on the Federal Building downtown this morning. Looks like a fun job.

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Snow update

The normally-conservative WRF/NAM model has jumped on the bandwagon for snow here in Charleston on Sunday morning. Strangely enough, the latest GFS run shows a bubble of warm air up against the western side of the mountains, keeping our temperatures into the 40s on Sunday morning. That doesn't seem right considering the large-scale pattern, so I'm inclined to disregard this run of the GFS as an anomaly. Forecast 850mb wind trajectories, temps and moisture look very favorable for upslope snow conditions Saturday night into Monday morning, with the Lake Michigan plume flowing 90 degrees into the Appalachians right over Charleston. Some of the forecast accumulations from both the GFS and WRF/NAM indicate around 5 inch totals above 3000 feet, 2 to 3 inches above 2000 feet and a dusting everywhere else. I may start a running updates post on this event Friday night if it looks like something I'll be covering. At this stage it looks like a Saturday night trip to Beckley, but if subfreezing temps and precip threaten Charleston, I'll stay here.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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