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                   Thursday, November 16, 2006 - 12:05AM

Made the right call

25 Years of Storm Observing
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The prayer worked. We would have made a two-and-a-half day, $350 trip to Alabama to see gusty winds and heavy rain all day. As expected, there were tornadoes, some strong - but after watching radar for much of the day, it appears that most of not all of the tornadoes were associated with circulations imbedded in the messy squall line. This scenario often results in transient rain-embedded supercells that are hard to intercept. Not to mention that most of the action was WAY south - much further south than we had anticipated.

Busting is a big part of observing, and you have to go out if you want to see anything. But I'm glad I'm getting ready for bed in my dry, warm house right now, instead of driving through endless blinding downpours on a dark, curvy Interstate 81 in Tennessee - with 9 more hours to go before getting home - with the weight and frustration of an unsuccessful major chase on my mind. Just thinking about that makes me exhausted. Which will help me get to sleep in a few minutes.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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