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                   Friday, November 23, 2007 - 7:15AM

Pittsburgh icy bridge accident outbreak, WV snow

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LINK: Post-Gazette article

Bridges were icy in Pittsburgh this morning. A scene of an apparent pileup on an overpass at Robinson Town Center was visible at 7:15AM, viewable live via PennDot's traffic camera network. Another single-car accident was visible on the camera network on an overpass in Bridgeville. Numerous accidents were occuring across the area - with a 15 to 20 car pileup reported on Route 68 in Beaver. The Post Gazette Traffic Report has live updates.

WV SNOW UPDATE 1 (8:00AM): The weather obs and the Herald-Dispatch webcam confirms decent snowfall in progress in Huntington right now. The webcam shows cars covered with a coating of snow, which indicates bridges and overpasses could be in the same condition. Very light snow is currently falling in Charleston now, but it appears the Lake Michigan band will generally bypass the city to the south and west.

WV SNOW UPDATE 2 (10:30AM): Huntington looks to be the winner for snow totals today, with the Lake Michigan banding setting up squarely over downtown for most of the morning. With temps right at or slightly above freezing, not much in the way of accumulations were realized. In Charleston, a few protrusions from the main band to the south swept through downtown around 9:30AM. However, with temps in the mid-30s and sunlight peeking through the clouds to warm the ground even further, none of the flakes stuck. Here is a short clip from Charleston's snowfall this morning:

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