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                   Monday, November 3, 2008 - 7:37AM

John MacArthur videos

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I know that most of my readers don't come here for religion or politics, so I try to keep those to a minimum in my day-to-day blog posts. However, since being a believer of Christ is what defines who I am, I can't help but interject a post or two about it every once in a while.

I have mentioned John MacArthur before on this blog, as he is one of my favorite pastors and Bible teachers. If you are a new Christian, someone who is just looking for answers or maybe considering turning to Christ, MacArthur is one of the very few pastors on radio and TV that I give my seal of approval to. Simply put, you can trust this guy and what he says. The main character trait I respect about MacArthur is that in addition to his extensive Bible knowledge, he 'tells it like it is' no matter what his audience nor who it might offend. Something that is desperately needed these days. Sometimes the 'sugar coated' messages you'll hear elsewhere may sound nice and inspirational, but leave out the realities and sometimes 'hard stuff' that can actually make a difference in a person's eternity. MacArthur's style of boldness and knowledge are things I would like to develop more in my own life.

I found this interview MacArthur did with actor Kirk Cameron (who is also an upstanding Christian). The vocal audience here may be a little awkward (sounds like you're in a backwoods country church, not that there is anything wrong with that), and there is some singing at the end that may or may not be your thing, but you will probably not hear the message of Christ explained in a more clear-cut and non-sugar-coated manner than here. I know, you're not here at this blog to hear preaching - but this is good stuff. You just don't hear this kind of to-the-point, down-to-business message most places anymore. Becoming a Christian is simple, but it is hardcore - not the flowery, emotional thing that a lot of churches portray. If I was as articulate as MacArthur was, this is the message I'd tell everyone I know if I was able. So I'll do the next best thing and let MacArthur do it!

VIDEO: MacArthur / Cameron interview

MacArthur also has some of his Larry King Live debates listed on the site above, also a good listen.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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