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                   Friday, November 6, 2009 - 9:27AM

Winter mode; mobile data page

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I turned the furnace on at the house for a few minutes this morning for the first time this season, as well as having to scrape a layer of frost off the truck before I went in to the office. That sufficiently meets my annual criteria for the start of 'winter life mode'.

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This is in spite of the fact that I've already seen snow nearly 3 weeks ago, which I'm not really counting here - as it was an isolated event in the mountains, not impacting Charleston with even much in the way of cold temps before and afterward. And although the arrival of my 'unofficial winter' has come and gone, we are now heading into an extended warm period with no solid cold/snow in the forecast for at least a week. So, I still have some time to find my gloves and hat that I'd already packed away in a moving box back in August.

Mobile data page

LINK: Weather Data: Mobile Version

This morning, I finished creating a mobile version of my main weather data page (you can access the mobile page here). Most of the links are the same as on the original page, with the exception of:

  1. A new direct link section for NWS radar images and loops - many phone browsers (including the BlackBerry) don't support Flash, java or javascript, so the fact that the NWS uses animated GIFs for radar loops makes them a more mobile-friendly source. The links are directly to the image files, bypassing the pages to save a click.
  2. Abbreviating/consolidating links to create a smaller 'package' and avoid wraparounds on smaller screens.
  3. Stripping out a few links that are java/javascript heavy and won't work on many phone browsers.
These links, as with the original page, are the ones I use on a daily basis for local and regional forecasting/monitoring/tracking - so if you live in West Virginia or a surrounding state, this new page may be of some use to you if you have a web-enabled phone. I will likely be adding more links to this page as I find more mobile-friendly useful content.

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