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                   Monday, October 20, 2008 - 12:35PM

Monday snow, blog link commentary

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GFS precip type forecast for Monday morning

Just a quick post to point out the fact that the GFS model has the mountains receiving their first snowfall next Monday morning, with temps in the high 20s and a light upslope precip pattern. If that prediction is correct, my first snow coverage trip of the season will be Sunday night!

A note about blog links

A link list is one of those "darned if you do, darned if you don't" things, no matter how you approach it. I have always found it difficult to select and maintain a list of links on my sites. I'd just as soon not have any for this reason. Since it is impossible and impractical to link to everyone I would like to, and I don't like the look of a long link list down the side of the page, I have to bite the bullet and just choose 10 or so to have a 'token' modest link list. Invariably this means that I end up leaving some people out that I otherwise would like to include. Since I try to preserve symmetry in my site layout, there just isn't enough space for me to list 50 blogs, nor do I want the task of keeping those links updated. My point being is don't be upset if your blog is not in my current list, you haven't done anything to make me not include you.

There is only one factor that would keep me from linking to a blog that I would otherwise want to. Since my site has always been a 'family friendly' place, I can't directly link to sites or blogs that use profanity or anything that isn't 'G' rated (even if it's only on an occasional basis). I'm not trying to make a judgemental statement by doing that, but given the diverse readership demographic I've built through the past decade, I feel a responsibility to maintain that reputation. Furthermore, I do get complaints whenever a link on my site has something that someone's kid saw or read that their parents didn't think they should have. So if your blog has never been in my links list for this reason (or has been removed), please understand and don't take it personally.

You raise a good point. I should probably clean up my act a bit as well. I have a good friend who left MySpace because of all the trashy advertising that compromised his Christian ideals. Made me stop to think about it for a minute. Guys like him and you are admirable people setting wonderful examples, you don't have to explain yourself ever.
- Posted by Paul from 62526

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