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                   Thursday, October 2, 2008 - 4:03PM

Downtown Charleston from Hale Street

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I had a few things to do downtown this afternoon, so I stopped in at Merrill's (the red brick building in the second shot below) to pick up a lens hood and circular polarizer for my XSi, like I've been meaning to for several weeks. Here are a couple of test shots at F10 with the 18-55 EFS:

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Looking at these closely, I can see even more the benefit of good lenses, or more accurately the drawbacks of not having them. The flaws of my lens really seem to come out more with the polarizer (chromatic abberation and softness toward the edges). It's not too apparent here, as these are scaled down for the web. Of couse a lot of this is from looking at the results that my brother gets from his 1Ds Mark III/L lenses setup, so I might be making an unrealistic comparison. Since my XSi is not much of a revenue generator (and my professional side will probably always be in video), I doubt I will ever get better lenses. At my current pace, it would take stock photos a year or two to pay for one L-series lens. I think that for now, what I have is good enough for what I use it for.

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