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                   Tuesday, October 6, 2009 - 2:42PM

First mountain snow possible next Tuesday

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The highest elevations in the WV mountains, as well as areas in the Appalachians north of the Pennsylvania border, could see the first snow of the season on Tuesday the 13th. This is no surprise, considering that the same system will likely bring the first snows to many areas of the central/northern Plains and upper Midwest this week.

GFS precip for next Tuesday morning

GFS precip type for next Tuesday morning

This storm system has already caused a round of icy road accidents in the northern Rockies and Intermountain west. Areas as far south as Nebraska, Iowa and northern Kansas could see snow, subfreezing temperatures and resultant icy roads this week.

West Virginia's snow, if any, next week should be limited to areas above 3,000 feet, and should be no more than a dusting at the most. I think Beckley and Elkins could see a rain/smow mix overnight into the morning, with a visible snow line on the higher peaks. However, Pennsylvania, New York and points north could see more snow, lower temperatures and their first icy roads of the season.

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