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                   Friday, September 14, 2007 - 10:16PM

Raleigh area tornado outbreak

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Unbelievable. My next blog post was going to be about Raleigh finally getting some real rain today, but that seems trivial now given the latest turn of events. A mini-outbreak of tornadoes struck just south of Raleigh today. One tornado report was relayed at the intersection of Old Stage Road and Rock Service Road, and another one over Lake Benson. This track means the tornadic circulation could have passed within a few hundred yards, if not directly over, the house here! The tornado was most certainly visible from the property. Where was I? At my brother's wedding rehearsal in downtown Raleigh! Some of the tornadoes were photographed and have been making headlines here. My brother's wedding is tomorrow, so I will not be able to get out and do a damage survey until Sunday.

SPC storm reports for Friday, Sept 14
(Tornado reports are marked in red)

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