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                   Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - 9:24PM

PCDA shoot with new Lowel lights

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Boring post alert! Today was the first job I lit with my new Lowel kit (on a CIS shoot for the Putnam County Development Authority web site). I picked up the Lowels used from Peace Camera in Raleigh - a set of two Totas (with umbrellas) and an Omni light, along with stands, a nice supply of gels, extra bulbs and hard case. Once again the Sony VX2100 did the honors today, which ironically is turning out to be (in my opinion) the ideal camera for this type of work. I captured the video straight into my laptop this time, essentially using it as a Firestore. I like doing this as it saves me capturing time later, and along with the tape, provides a redundant recording copy. Here are a couple shots of the setup:

Here are some of the results:

I'm hoping to add a softbox (or two or three) to this kit, although they are some of the most expensive type of lights. The Totas I used here (for the key and fill lights, the two in the front) tend to spill onto the background more than a softbox would, decreasing contrast with the subject. I would have preferred the background to have been a little darker than it turned out here. I could have moved the Totas closer to the subject and stopped down a notch, but I'm not keen on getting those blazing lights too close to someone in an expensive suit. I'd love to get a couple of Chimera softboxes - but Rifas are probably a little more realistic.

So there you have it - a small taste of the 'corporate video' world. Pretty boring compared to weather video, but still fun to do and much better than most any other job I can think of.

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