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                   Monday, September 29, 2008 - 12:42PM

Teays Valley sunset, and a couple other items

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Sunset photos are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, but the saturated colors in this one last week were enough to step outside the office and grab a few shots. Unfortunately, with all of the residential subdivisions and office buildings in Teays Valley, there are really not any decent foregrounds for sky photography within walking distance of the office. I would have liked to walk down to the railroad tracks for a better set of foregrounds, but like rainbows, the best parts of sunsets typically don't last long enough for one to reposition to a better scene.

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No paid endorsements here

To get something else out of the way and counter another rumor floating around - I have never been been offered any type of arrangement to 'plug' a product or service on this blog or on any of the forums I am active on. The only products and services I plug for my benefit are my own (web design, video, chase tours, Van de Graaff generators, photo prints, etc). Regarding anything else, when I see something I like or have found something useful, I'll post about it to pass along the recommendation or just to make a note of it for the sake of a blog post. And I never get as much as a thank-you from any corporation for it, let alone a check. If I ever got the chance to advertise on this blog for a product I believed in or used regularly, I would not turn it down - but I'd disclose the fact that it was happening. So far, it hasn't.

As a matter of principle, I try to be as open and transparent as I can in business dealings. Aside from not giving away trade secrets, techniques or proprietary information, I don't keep anything hidden under the table. If you suspect otherwise, please talk to me first.

Corey Walton lightning shot

This photo was posted on the StormTrack forum by observer Corey Walton. It is one of the more remarkable lightning shots I've seen! It's been a while since I've captured a close lightning strike still image (non-tower related, that is). When I started shooting lightning in 1993, I was getting on average one every couple of years. Hopefully I'm due for another one soon.

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