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                   Monday, September 10, 2007 - 1:33AM

Tropical Storm Gabrielle report - September 2007

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Gabrielle turned out to be largely a non-event. I targeted the eventual landfall location of the storm just northeast of Beaufort, NC, and the circulation center passed directly over me at mid-day. However, Gabrielle was a struggling storm, with all of the convection (heavy rain and wind) located away from the center. Skies were clear and sunny for most of the afternoon, including the center's landfall - which is not a good sign of health for a tropical cyclone. Thge most interesting part of the storm came during early morning, when the sun began breaking through the outer rain bands to form some of the most vivid rainbows I'd seen. After that, the day was pretty uneventful and you'd never have known that a tropical storm was overhead if you weren't already aware of it. Heavy rain finally moved onshore at Morehead City by mid-afternoon - but by then I had already headed back home, unimpressed by the storm's remaining prospects. Although an unimpressive event, Gabrielle was still interesting to observe, and it was nice to have something so close to home for a change.

Outer rain band at Havelock

Rainbows near Stacy

WxWorx GPS with storm track overlay

30 Years of Storm Photography
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