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                   Tuesday, September 9, 2008 - 7:01AM

Some actual storm photos

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So September beats out August and gets one storm photo folder on the hard drive. This after another 'foot chase' early this morning in and around the yard and the cemetery (there's a Jeff Foxworthy joke in there somewhere). Starting in the cemetery overlooking downtown - the lightning was weak, so I was all the way down to F4.5 to try to get channels to show up.

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After that second one, I decided to notch down to F5.6 as the rain shaft looked like it was getting closer. Then this thing explodes. My celebration of seeing it happen in frame was short-lived when the exposure ended and the LCD showed a near total whiteout.

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At first glance it looked bad enough that I didn't think it was salvageable. But, I pulled it into the Canon RAW editor and was able to get the thing to show up. Not a 'keeper' image, but at least it's illustrative.

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After that, the storm went behind the ridge, a location I can't get a view of from the cemetery nor my house. Not really feeling up to using up gas to get back into a shooting position north of town, I decided to just mess around with what I had at home. The rain stayed away for a surprisingly long time, allowing for the first-ever lightning shots with my house (I've lived here over 10 years).

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