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                   Saturday, July 3, 2010 - 11:53PM CDT

July 3 St. Louis fireworks

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I took Metrolink into downtown from Scott Air Force Base to shoot some photos of the 'Fair St. Louis' fireworks (the precursor to the normal July 4 display). The city was packed. My usual vantage point on the Front Street levee was blocked off by the police, so I settled for a spot on the Eads Bridge.

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This was the first chance I've had to try out the Metrolink light rail line, and I was very impressed. Clean, fast, smooth-running, infrequent stops and just an overall well-run system. It didn't take much longer to get downtown than it does driving, when you consider parking in the city. A big event like this weekend made the trains actually the faster option, since traffic downtown was gridlocked. Even though the trains were packed to standing-room capacity near downtown, I encountered no problems. This will definitely be the way to go for future baseball/football/hockey games or any other big event in the city.

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30 Years of Storm Photography
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