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                   Sunday, June 20, 2010 - 9:57PM CDT

6/20 Shiloh, IL growing convection

30 Years of Storm Photography
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HD EXPEDITION VIDEO: Growing cumulonimbus with pileus (realtime!)

I went out this evening to shoot a small thunderstorm cell building along an outflow boundary south of I-64 near Shiloh, about 10 miles from home. Looking nearly straight up, the view of the rapidly growing convection was mesmerizing. The video link above is not a time lapse - it is the actual 'real time' motion of the rapidly growing storm tops. The first segment in the clip shows the development of a 'pileus cap', a cloud formation that results from the updraft 'doming up' a thin layer of moisture aloft (causing condensation) and then punching through it.

There were some CGs going on under the storm, but I only turned the video on it once the cumulonimbus tops were out of view - the show high in the sky was better than the lightning.

30 Years of Storm Photography
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