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                   Monday, August 8, 2011 - 1:55PM CDT

Photo gallery re-code; resume site; weather update

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Not much going on right now, so this will be one of those "miscellaneous posts". I've been keeping an eye out for something interesting to shoot outside, but time and the lack of weather haven't been cooperating.

Photo GalleryGallery re-code

I spent some time this weekend re-coding my photo gallery, the main change being the integration of CSS floating elements for the thumbnails that expand to fit the browser width. The gallery is well over 700 photos strong now and still growing. I have one cool photo project for the St. Louis gallery coming up later that will add another 20 to 30 images, hopefully that will be done by mid to late September.

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Resume site

I converted to a personal resume and portfolio site for my web, video and TV work. While I'm comfortably employed currently, I'm always willing to discuss opportunities for web/TV work on the side. If you need any type of web site/graphics/SEO work, contact me first and I'll either give you a good deal on the work myself, or just let you know what I think would be a fair price to expect from another professional. I have 14 years in the business and can at least point you in the right direction.

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Local storm chasing

Not much of it! We're at the point in the season where opportunities are non-existent, unless you happen to be in the narrow path of the latest random thunderstorm complex rounding the central US ridge of high pressure. So far, in the past two weeks, St. Louis has been far to the north or south of such systems. The one exception was early Saturday morning, when a messy (rain-laden with imbedded CG lightning) line of storms fired over downtown and moved east over Illinois, unfortunately while I was at work. No big loss, I was able to step out for a minute and see that photography would have been mostly a bust due to heavy rain. I may have been able to shoot a few bolts, but nothing better than your average everyday lightning shots.

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Dog photo

Just to keep at least one photo a week going during these slow times, I thought I'd dig through some photo archives and post an image of another subject I'm probably more fond of than storms. Dogs are arguably the greatest things on this planet. I'm a total "dog person", and one of my highest mid-term priorities is to settle down with a one or two of these whenever life allows. It's probably going to be another year or two unfortunately before I can do it - I want to make sure I have the time/finances to give dog(s) a good home with adequate attention and care. This is Tess (my parents' cocker spaniel) from a couple of years ago, halfway basking in the sunlight:


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