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                   Monday, December 5, 2011 - 4:06PM CST

First winter precip in STL mostly a non-event

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Models backed way off of the snowstorm scenario in the days leading up to today, but nonetheless winter precipitation did fall. In fact, we saw the whole spectrum of ptypes today: first freezing rain/drizzle, then sleet, and finally snow. A freezing rain bridge icing event in the St. Louis metro was narrowly averted by the borderline temperatures early this morning, as almost every other elevated object had a glaze. Later in the day, a long-duration light sleet period was capped by a short burst of light snow, just enough to dust the ground. I went out for a drive during the freezing rain after midnight to check bridges, but I stayed home for the rest of the day. There wasn't much to shoot photos of, but here are a few nonetheless.

December 5 snow December 5 snow

December 5 snow

December 5 ice

On another note, I installed a second full-time driving camera facing backward. This will run in tandem with the camera up front. Here is a clip from yesterday I pulled down and edited into one view to show both cameras working.

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