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                   Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 5:59PM CST

Ice storm photos, February 1-2, Clinton County, IL

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I woke up this morning and was somewhat surprised to see that the freezing rain showers that passed over us last night had brought the total ice accumulations in New Baden up to over a half an inch. So, it looks like the far eastern St. Louis metro can now claim something notable from this storm. This of course is a photo-worthy subject, however the cloudy skies today were less than ideal as a background, aside from a fleeting few minutes of sunlight this evening. Tomorrow will hopefully bring crisp blue skies to make for some very nice sky-ice combinations. I went out briefly this afternoon to grab a few shots just in case wind or unexpected sunlight melts/dislodges the best ice formations later.

Tomorrow I plan to investigate the situation east of here, which is farther out of the sleet zone and therefore likely has slightly higher ice accretions. Amazingly, despite branches sagging heavily, I haven't found much tree damage with this, and no power outages that I know of. Apparently most of the weaker limbs and lines have already been 'weeded out' from previous storms in recent years. The untreated roads around town are very slick, the only reason they are passable is thanks to the slight granular coating of sleet to provide a little coarseness.

More photos to come tomorrow, if the sky cooperates. *EDIT*: These images have been relocated to a new gallery containing new images since the time of this original post.

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Sunlit ice storm icing on signs in in Clinton County, IL

30 Years of Storm Photography
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