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                   Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 8:30PM CST

More STL metro-east ice storm photos

30 Years of Storm Photography
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GALLERY LINK: February 2-3, 2011 Ice Storm Gallery

Thankfully, today's forecast verified, with clear skies prevailing for most of the day. The few minutes around sunrise and sunset provided the best lighting. I'm as ready for spring as anybody, but sights like these are really amazing, and make winter easier to appreciate. These are the kind of scenes where I'm actually disappointed in a camera's inability to capture the full glory of them as my eyes are seeing it. The thumbnails below link to the gallery page for this event, which also includes the rest of the photos from yesterday.

click for gallery:

Wow great! It is the most beautiful ice photos I've ever seen! Also, I'm very happy to see your professional pictures again. Thank you for comeback!
- Posted by Luka Lee from Arizona

Thanks Luka, glad to have you as a visitor!
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL

very nice pics, it almost looks as cold as minnesocold! we havn't had a good ice storm yet this year, not that i mind that hehe
- Posted by Michael Thompson from minnesocold

30 Years of Storm Photography
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