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                   Thursday, January 13, 2011 - 2:21AM

Fall 2010 observing recap

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There were a few impressive events that occured in my 'home chase area' while this blog was on its 4-month hiatus. Here is a recap of some highlights from mid-September through the end of the year.

- Lightning over St. Louis - September 18, 2010

Lightning over St. Louis
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I try to be downtown for most of the thunderstorms that pass over St. Louis, and in 2010, it was late September - not spring or mid-summer - that brought the best-of-the-year display of nighttime lightning over the city. The next day featured a colorful sunset over the Arch and downtown. [ View Photos and Video ]

- Hail, Clinton County, IL - October 12, 2010

Hail in New Memphis, IL
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One of the reasons I moved to the Midwest - severe weather season just keeps going and going, even into the fall. This deluge of small hail covered the ground along Highway 160 in New Memphis on October 12. [ View Photos ]

- Close lightning, Trenton/New Baden, IL - October 24, 2010

Close lightning in Trenton/New Baden, IL
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More fall season storms bring some of the best lightning of my 2010 storm season, all only a few miles from home. [ View Photos ]

- Blowing snow icy roads - Shiloh, IL - December 12, 2010

Icy roads in Shiloh, IL
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Blowing snow creates very icy conditions on Interstate 64 in St. Clair County, IL on December 12, causing multiple accidents caught on tape - including one involving a tractor-trailer leaving the road and crashing into the woods. [ View Photos and Video ]

- White Christmas in St. Louis - December 24-25, 2010

St. Louis White Christmas
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A snowstorm moves into St. Louis on Christmas Eve, blanketing the area with up to 5 inches of snow. Christmas morning, the eagles were out in full force in Alton and Grafton, IL, with two posing in front of an American flag. [ View Photos ]

I love those lightning shots! thanks for posting them Dan!
- Posted by Michael Thompson from Minneapolis

Thanks Michael, looking forward to the upcoming season!
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL

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