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                   Sunday, March 6, 2011 - 10:07PM CST

"Science, Athiesm and Belief" by John Lennox

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VIDEO LINK: Science, Athiesm and Belief

John Lennox is a speaker, thinker, mathematician and theologian at Oxford University who is gifted in presenting some solid responses to the idea that science and Christianity are incompatible, among many other issues. The video talk above is one such presentation. Lennox's web site has some excellent video talks on these issues. Among these include a response to Stephen Hawking's recent book, as well as rationally-sound cases against the 'final proclamations' of many scientists that there is no room for Christianity, much less theism, in the realm of science and academia.

You can search Youtube for debates between Lennox and noted athiest activists like Dawkins and Hitchens, good places to get familiar with both sides of the arguments. Many of my non-believing friends may be surprised that I actually encourage fellow Christians to hear both sides, not to shelter themselves from opposing views. Exposure to these views and their counter-points has strengthened my faith rather than destroyed it. Contrary to what you hear from many in the scientific community, there are compelling rational positions for theism and Christ for anyone who cares to take time to be truly open minded, and listen to the arguments, and consider the philisophical implications of the differing positions.

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