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                   Friday, October 21, 2011 - 3:29AM CDT

St. Louis skyline during World Series Game 2

30 Years of Storm Photography
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FULL GALLERY: The World Series comes to St. Louis (Updated regularly)

Apologies for all of the off-topic posts of late! I know this is supposed to be a storm photography site, and it is - but with storm season in a long-duration low point and other things happening locally, I've got to keep the blog going with something! Winter storm season is fast approaching - and of course, being in the Midwest means there is always a chance for the fall/winter severe weather outbreak - so the may be something weather-blog-worthy coming at any time.

In the meantime, it's not every day that the World Series is in your home city, so that has deserved some coverage time. Having exhausted most of the good angles I could find on Wednesday, I decided to get a few wide skyline shots during Game 2 on Thursday. The Cards' loss today makes it more likely that the series will return to STL next week, so there may be more chances for additional city + World Series compositions. Not only do these images contain the historical sidebar of a World Series game in progress, but they have satisfied another photo goal to check off of the list - an ultra-wide of the skyline from the riverfront during late twilight (all city lights illuminated, yet still some light in the sky). The Mississippi's water level is very low now, which allowed for setting up about 90 feet farther west than usual. That got those huge annoying barge loading pylons (out of frame to the right) out of the picture even at 10mm.

Skyline during Game 2
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Skyline during Game 2 Skyline during Game 2

This image is from Wednesday night - the spotlights at the Arch cast shadows in the low clouds:

Arch spotlight cloud shadows
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30 Years of Storm Photography
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