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                   Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 3:35PM CDT

Canon 10-22mm test shots - downtown STL

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I picked up a new lens today, the Canon 10-22mm wide angle. With thick cirrus clouds moving in and increasing over St. Louis, the sky was not very cooperative for test shots. But the "I just got a new lens and have to shoot something" syndrome was enough to justify going downtown for an hour-long 'camera walkaround'. Again, the sky was horrendous, and didn't allow for capturing anything gallery-worthy - but here are three samples from the first dozen or so frames:

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch

St. Louis downtown

Other than some vignetting in the corners when the circular polarizer is mounted (which I easily corrected in these shots), everything looked great.

I had been wanting to rent the Canon 10-22mm out a few times to get some shots I'd been planning for the end of summer into the fall season. This was not going to be easy, as the only place that had one for rental (that I could find) was nearly an hour's drive away. Add to that the fact that I'd have to call ahead to check its availability (it apparently is a popular rental), hope to get it on the days when the sky cooperated, and have this all pan out between work days, sleep, and web projects. The rate on the lens was $30/day, plus the gas to get to the rental house and back (a 2.5 hour round trip). So, after some consideration, I decided to use the proceeds from a recent paid invoice to just buy one. I may sell the lens sometime after the first of the year (Canons have great resale value), which will amount to paying a couple hundred (net) to 'rent' it for 4 or 5 months, after all is said and done. A lot cheaper than $30/day, and I have it 24/7 for whenever opportunities arise. Of course, if a few sales here and there result from the effort, there is a chance the lens could earn its keep.

A nice bit of Glass you got there Dan
- Posted by Mick from UK

Thanks Mick! Hoping the clouds clear out soon so I can put it to work!
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL

Can't wait to see what you do!
- Posted by Paul from Soy City USA

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