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                   Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 5:05PM CST

Blowing snow and intense winds in the STL metro - December 20

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HD DASHCAM VIDEO: Blowing snow near Hamel, IL on December 20

Where else can you get snow 12 hours after thunderstorms on the same day? One of the reasons I love living out here!

I went out for a couple of hours documenting the snow side of this event. The wind and blowing snow were pretty intense! During one strong burst near Hamel, IL I stopped and opened the car door to get a few shots, and had to push the door with considerable force to keep it open - if I had let it slam shut, it would have broken my arm! The high-velocity snow felt like being sandblasted. The video above was pulled from my dashcam at the time - notice the car rocking! I shot the still image below at the time.

Roads were beginning to get covered by sunset, untreated ones more so. Bridges and non-bridge surfaces seemed to be icing equally. The blowing snow factor will cause dangerous icing problems even long after the snow stops falling.

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