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                   Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 1:16PM CST

The actual risks to the lives and well-being of storm photographers

30 Years of Storm Photography
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This article was originally a section of my Storm Photography FAQ. The subtopic has become large enough to make an article in itself, so I pulled this text out of the FAQ and made it into this standalone page.

If you were to poll non-storm photographers about what they thought the biggest risks to a storm photographer were, you'd almost always hear tornadoes, hail and lightning mentioned. I'm entering into my 19th year in the hobby, and have yet to be harmed, or even seriously threatened, by any of those. So what are the risks of being a storm photographer? Here's my answer:

your really tough and i appreciaten you being a storm photographer im in middle school my class is seing all your videos.
- Posted by tanith mercedes from 2704 wallace ave. bronx new york

30 Years of Storm Photography
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