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                   Sunday, July 8, 2012 - 2:38AM CDT

July 7 nighttime lightning in St. Louis Metro-East

30 Years of Storm Photography
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The eastern St. Louis metro area enjoyed not only a much-needed good soaking of rain Saturday night, but a great post-sunset lightning show that lasted nearly until midnight. Wind-blown rain made it difficult to catch close bolts, but a few photogenic cloud-to-ground strikes were cooperative. Although these storms mostly avoided the downtown area, they resulted in the cancellation of the Fair St. Louis fireworks display and the evacuation of the downtown festivities.

It appears that both our drought and our recent heat wave has come to an end, with frequent storms and cooler temperatures likely for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that will translate into a few expeditions and photography opportunities.

this site needs a search bar and more things on orange lightning
- Posted by jordan from canada

30 Years of Storm Photography
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