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                   Monday, October 22, 2012 - 11:55PM CDT

October 22 lightning show with fall colors

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HD VIDEO: New Baden, IL lightning, October 22

The amazing 2012 fall storm season continues! A low-expectation event turned in to a nice surprise today in the form of an extended lightning barrage over trees in full fall color. Many areas east of St. Louis experienced a similar show. These images are frame grabs from HD video (video can be viewed at the above link). This first one hit somewhere in town, about 3/4 mile away from where I was set up on Haselhorst Road, looking north. An audible 'snap' can be heard from nearby power lines.

It is a very rare event where the lightning is frequent enough that I can try for short-exposure daytime stills. These are 8/10th second exposures at F22:

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