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                   Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 9:04PM CDT

Delmer Robinson - Food Editor, columnist and author

30 Years of Storm Observing
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Man That's CookingMy paternal grandfather Delmer Robinson (known to us as "Grandpa") was the Food Editor at the Charleston Gazette newspaper in Charleston, West Virginia for over 50 years. He published regular columns "Man That's Cooking", "Senior Chef" and "Tell Dottie", as well as several cookbooks over the years. We (the family), in his memory, are making preparations to make at least one of his best-known cookbooks, "Appalachian Hill Country Cook Book", available in e-book format.

Here is the front and back cover of Appalachian Hill Country Cook Book, originally published in 1980 and reprinted in 1986. If you would like to receive an email when the e-book is available, please send me an email with your email address and I will drop you a note. I have also set up a Facebook page that you can follow for updates on the book.

This is an interesting website! I was looking up your grandfather, Delmer Robinson, just to see who he was and I was surprised to see all this info on him. I've been married for 50 years and in our first years we subscribed to a national newspaper and it always had recipes in it. I had cut them out and over the years used a number of them. I just made the "Pennsylvania Black Cake" that Delmer had his name attached to. It's delicious! I see that you are a Christian also. We live in Southern California and are members at Saddleback Church here with Pastor Rick Warren. My sons tell me I get too wordy - they like texting - so I will stop now! Best to you Dan - Judy Hammond
- Posted by Judy Hammond from Southern California
I purchased your Appalachian Hill Country Cook Book in Charleston Wv approximately 1981. I am a fellow mountaineer residing in Wisconsin for the last 48 years. Thanks for sharing the recipes.
- Posted by Nelda Persinger from [email protected]

30 Years of Storm Observing
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