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                   Saturday, October 6, 2012 - 9:26PM CDT

Disdain for the "Word of Faith" / Prosperity Gospel

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I really don't have a lot to say about this other than to express my deep contempt across every fiber of my being for what is called "Word of Faith", otherwise known as the "prosperity gospel". Basically, this is the teaching that if you become a Christian and have enough 'faith', God promises to make you healthy, wealthy, prosperous, successful, have an easy life with no problems, and on and on and on.

I have more respect for atheism than I do for "Word of Faith". Yes, it really is that bad. Atheism is at least honest with what it is and doesn't masquerade as Christianity. I can't find a word strong enough to fit how I would describe the essence of WoF: "sick", "disgusting" and "satanic" would be compliments. Appallingly, about 99% of what comprises "Christian" television, and the majority of the biggest churches across the country, is this insidious teaching.

John Piper I think summarizes it best in this video. Take special note about how the prosperity preachers will travel to third world countries, taking money from the poorest people in the world under the guise of them getting wealthy and healed from God. Par for the course for WoF:

VIDEO: John Piper - Why I abominate the prosperity gospel

And even here in this country, people going through tough times are told by the WoF teachers that it's because they don't have enough faith or something is wrong with them. As long as the life of a WoF follower is going great, they are happy. But when the rough times in life come like they do for each and every one of us, the WoF follower runs into a huge crisis of faith. The truth is that God uses the rough times and the trials for our refining - they are ultimately positive things in a temporary life that vanishes like vapor in comparison to eternity. Far be it for the WoF teachers to allow their followers to see that when they need it most.

For those willing to delve deep into the subject in a scholarly manner, there is Justin Peters' comprehensive, exhaustive 4-hour seminar that irrefutably lays it all out:

VIDEO: A Call for Discernment Session 1 (there are 4 sessions)

Many of the "Christian-turned-atheist" examples we see today are shipwrecks from the Word of Faith movement, I certainly have been witness to a few. If you're involved with any of these churches, I urge you to do your research before you too find your faith on the rocks.

Most importantly, to the "Word of Faith" follower, I would seriously consider if what you are tangled up in is really a saving faith in Christ. With all of the terrible perversions of truth that entail WoF, your eternity is at stake! I would highly recommend John MacArthur's web site as a starting point for coming out of a WoF church.

As a truther I learned years ago to question everything. No where in the bible does God promise you anything while on this earth. The only ones that have prosperity are the ones preaching it. Just follow the money, if your pastor is living way better than you and does not have an outside source of income, that's a huge tip off.
- Posted by Abner Celman

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