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                   Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 12:30AM CDT

Forest Park Balloon Glow; air show; weak lightning

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I've been very busy this past week, so not much time to put together a blog post - but here are some images from the past few days.

Every September, a hot air balloon festival is held in St. Louis' Forest Park. The Friday of the event features the "Balloon Glow", where all of the participants fire up the balloons at dusk until after dark. It's a photography-friendly event, with air horns prompting all of the pilots to light up their burners at the same time for photos every minute or so. I had to work late this day, so didn't get to Forest Park in time for the good twilight sky light conditions. I came away with a couple of OK shots nonetheless.

click for larger version

click for larger version

My working late was due to an air show in progress at the Air Force base. I was able to go outside a couple of times to catch a glimpse of the show, but the overcast sky conditions made photography a lost cause. As such, I didn't bother with the DSLR, just grabbed a couple of video clips. These are screen captures from the videos of the B2 bomber flyby and the Thunderbirds performance.

And just to document the fact that 2012 continues a streak of getting lightning photos every month so far this year, here is September's (weak) entry from dying storms on Monday night at Mascoutah:

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