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                   Friday, September 7, 2012 - 5:39AM CDT

NKP 765 from Decatur, IL to St. Louis

30 Years of Storm Photography
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HD VIDEO: NKP 765 from Decatur, IL to St. Louis video preview

My brother and I teamed up again to document Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive #765 making a trip from Decatur, Illinois into St. Louis. Here is a scene from Stonington, Illinois:

We plan to be out Saturday, Sunday and Monday for 765's trips in the St. Louis metro area and the return trip to Decatur.

Thanks for the video! My children were entranced. There is a 2500 class locomotive (#2542) restored and on display here in McComb, MS; the only other one is in Centralia (#2500). They loved seeing a similar train in motion although standing next to 70 inch wheels is always a little exhilarating too. (: (the #765 is a 2-8-4, the #2542 is a 4-8-2)
- Posted by Mat. Anna from McComb, MS

30 Years of Storm Photography
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