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                   Sunday, February 17, 2013 - 8:43PM CST

A list of must-watches for anyone questioning Christianity

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Modern-day skepticism demands evidence, logic and reason be applied to any subject - something to which, as a Christian, I agree with wholeheartedly. On that note, I'm going to direct you to just that on the subject of Jesus, the resurrection and the New Testament. Even if these don't convince you toward Christianity, they should at least bring you up to speed on the facts that go against some common "internet myths" on the subject.

A lot of these involve Dr. Gary Habermas, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite scholars/speakers. The guy simply knows the material, and it's difficult for me to find much fault in his methods. One of the things I like about these videos is the Q&A at the end, where the speakers take questions from many times skeptical audience members. It shows that they're not afraid to open the subject up to scrutiny.

Most of these are long videos (more than an hour), so they're good to queue up to listen to like you'd do with a podcast (driving, going on a run, etc).

**Note: Occasionally these video links will move or be taken down - Please let me know if one isn't working!

The Resurrection of Jesus - Dr. Gary R. Habermas
In this video, Dr. Habermas discusses some of the strongest historical evidence we have on Jesus - but he approaches it from an angle he calls the "Minimal Facts" method. This means he only uses evidence accepted by the full spectrum of scholars and historians, more specifially those who are not Christians.

Veracity of the New Testament
Another talk by Habermas discussing the case for trusting the New Testament. There is a little bit of repeat information here from the previous video.

The Resurrection: Historical Fact or Religious Invention?
Here's a debate beteen Habermas and popular atheist author Kenneth Humphreys. Humphreys is a prominent figure in the internet-era atheism movement that I know a few of my storm chaser/weather acquaintances follow, so this one will probably be of interest.

Did Jesus Exist? - Bart Ehrman
Bart Ehrman is an accomplished and well-known New Testament scholar, who eventually lost his faith and is now an agnostic. Here, he attempts to communicate the overwhelming consensus of scholars in the field against the popular internet myth that Jesus never existed. This is a good source that shows how even atheist and agnostic scholars/historians agree on many things that support Christianity, even though they have various personal reasons that leave them unconvinced themselves.

The ABCs, Ds and Es of defending the Gospels - Michael Licona
A talk by historian Michael Licona summarizing popular objections to the Gospel, and a proper response to each.

I think it's incredible that we have this wealth of information available to all of us. Even if you've never really questioned Christianity, these videos will educate you with facts that you can use to fortify your own faith against future doubt, as well as answer questions from others that you'll surely encounter at some point. If you know of someone going through a period of doubt, do them a great favor and forward them these links!

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